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Who am I?

Hi, I am a web designer from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a education in Interaction Design(UX) but learned that I'm more of a visual kind of guy, so designing websites and UI is more my kind of thing. I love fiddling with the balance of colors, type and white space and still have the user and common practices in mind.

Why Webflow?

Webflow is a complete platform for designing, developing and hosting websites. There's pretty much going on when you want a website online and there are so many practices in doing it. I've tried many many different ways, from handcoding to ready made templates to different WYSIWYG platforms. So the problem with coding by hand for me is that it takes to long time and I loose my creativity and with the WYSIWYG programs you're often limited in what you as a designer are able to do.

So I found Webflow in 2014 and this program was way different then similar software in this area. Webflow is a graphical interface for the code that the web is built upon, HTML and CSS. I design and develop simultaneously which is a huge time saver.